1. This was evident in the way of the short sentence. I made this kind of short because these ads are designed for billboard, flyers much like the ones you observe on walls under train crossings inside city or with telegraph poles, therefore the main audience could be in their cars and trucks, if they can browse the whole sentence, I believe i have made that poignant enough so they may wish to watch the CEV and it will likewise stick in their particular heads. One last approach I used in an exceedingly subtle way is using beautiful people. I used this inside two ads relating to the two women, Logan Jeff and Jaqueline Carvalho; these two women are the best and most wonderful volleyball players. Both of these often model with regard to various volleyball enterprises and events and I really believe are the best tools to draw people’s awareness of the ad. This is not to say the men will not necessarily, they all will for their celebrity like position in Europe, actually America, Brazil and especially most of Asia treat these individuals celebrity and often almost like vips.
2. Your advertising strategy: My logo may be the CEV logo, this company I am advertising for. The campaign will run derived from one of week before the actual CEV champion’s group begins and continue steadily till the last round has finished as well as the finals begin. Then I will double the number of the ads starting Magazines and bus stops/train stations inside week leading for the finals. So to help recap, the places We are advertising at will likely be Billboards on significant roads and freeways, bus stops, train areas magazines and papers.

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