The Human Methods Policy and Procedure Manual affords the policies and treatments for managing in addition to developing staff. Furthermore, it provides guidelines We will use to administer these kind of policies, with the right procedure to stick to.

We will preserve HR policies current and relevant. As a result, from time to time will probably be necessary to adjust and amend some chapters of the policies in addition to procedures, or to feature new procedures.

Almost any suggestions, recommendations or feedback for the policies and procedures specified with this manual are welcome.

These policies and procedures apply to all employees.

Individual Conduct
We expects its employees to keep a high typical of conduct in addition to work performance to be certain the business preserves its good name with customers in addition to suppliers. Good personal conduct plays a part in a good work environment for all.

This calls for all employees:

• observing almost all policies and treatments
• treating colleagues along with courtesy and admiration
• treating customers and clients in a professional manner at all times
• working safely at all times

Dress Code
We reserves the proper to request an employee to dress to a appropriate standard like a condition of occupation.

During business hours, employees are expected to present in specialized business attire and dress in line with the requirements of his or her position.
We costume code guidelines are usually:
• Business suits for all employees
• Business ties for male workers
• Appropriate business shoes


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