Tomorrow my daughter and I will get up at about 8 and have some breakfast. A bowl involving cereal, toast and maybe a glass or two. Have a shower and produce ourselves beautiful. Beds will come in and the house tidied for our return later in the morning. We will be driving all over to lous place along seaside road, taking in the sights from the beach and the bayalong how. Maybe some sailing yachts, motor yachts, kite surfers, wind surfers and several walkers and cyclists. Out in the center of the bay the big freight liners crawling in to the yarra river to be unloaded for the docks. We will then drive on the majestic west gate bridge and find the elevated view of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs and the distant hills looking blue and hazey. We knock on the door to tell them we are there and then enter using my key. A kiss hello and cordial greetings and quick discussion of feelings as well as the morning as it was. All of us then grab the keys for you to lous car, woops her sons car because he is driving today in order to develop his learner driving hours to have his license. Her son is a movie maker within the making who just happens to look nearly as bad as harry potter. Once in the automobile we head off with the learner driver for the wheel, all are feeling a little nervous because gear changes are somewhat rough. Anyway we are down and going heading towards our destination in geelong. We are off to check out a nice little house, 3 bedrooms and nicely done up for investment for lou. If it's good its location is right then lou are certain to get it for her folio involving richness.

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