shit they will lost. The kittens and cats fans are devastated. They did all they was required to in the 3rd quarter to offer themselves the best prospects for winning and getting yourself into the grand final in the near future. They played better 3rd quarter along with had a 20 point lead right at the end of it. hawthorn then merely rolled on within the final quarter along with slowly clawed time for take the lead within the final minutes after which it hung on to be able to win by 5 things. shit shit shit they will lost. Geelong players are shattered and just sitting on your field, tired, depleted, sad, spent, buggered, shattered and another word you can visualize to describe your team that lost. Cats fans will likely be sad going home tonight ; however , justify their year how ever accommodates their mood and start thinking of subsequent year and almost all its possibilities. Hawthorn are doing laps of reverance and hi 5ing your crowd and thanking them with regards to support. The two facets one victorious along with the other losers. 2 completely different body languages and 2 completely different weeks ahead. shit!

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