Ripple effect: Our actions have a ripple effect within the lives of persons and communities.
Whether these ripples usually are good or bad is generally a result of the decision people make.

Nutrients in life: Physical (sport), Social (friends, family), Emotive, Religious (God, Jesus), Intelligent (opportunities).
God occurs to creation through:
-Our relationship with all the earth (stewards)
- Our relationship together with others
-Our innovative expression.

EVIL: Evil will be the absence of precisely what is good.
Physical evil: A natural disaster for example a bushfire or ton. There are degrees of physical or healthy evil. People who're caught up throughout these events can are afflicted by loss of assets, disruptions to lives and most importantly, death of spouse and children.

Moral evil (sin): This results via freely chose actions and attitudes of folks. Moral Evil also can result in great suffering. Sometimes this suffering is because action I select and at some other times it is because the actions regarding others.
I believe it is often interesting just how things are explained to children on the mass level. I believe it is quite challenging to build up a curriculum which often guides the teachers of Religion to ask the suitable questions. So much of tips on how to teach subjects for example good and evil in a very classroom setting comes down to how nicely the teacher can easily guide a discussion allowing the kids to express use many of the time, what the young children feel is inside them to begin with.

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