Junk food is a very humorous thing. I go through stages throughout the day and seem to crave different types of things depending on what type of day I have had. Right now for example I really want a do nought, some lollies, a warm coffee preferably flavoured, and some printless. The only reason I want these things right now in this particular moment is because I can see kids who are eating these things and as a result, my mind sees them, remembers what they taste like, therefore making me want those things.

Another reason I think I want junk food sometimes is that quite simply I am just really hungry. When I am really hungry and I haven’t had any junk food during the day I tend to want some. If I haven’t been eating very healthy meals during the day I seem to really crave some naughty food.

Sometimes when I am being really healthy and I have been eating quite well, I can no longer resist my cravings and finally gauge my way through a bakery treat, a few bites in I can usually already feel not all that great about it and feel even a little sick. I know that I am going to have this feeling before I start really getting stuck into the junk food but alas, I keep going back to the same stage and not being able to resist, start the cycle again. I do however enjoy feeling really healthy which I am proud to say I do feel most of the time!

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