I still find it humorous even to this day as to which game I find on the iPhone enjoyable. Whenever I am scrolling through the app store which is more often that you think, I always end up always being tempted to get something that looks like it has guns on the front or will potentially be some exhilarating adventure where it’s a first person killing game. When I do finally buy these games I always seem to find myself slightly disappointed. I think to myself I should like these games because of the guns reflexes and accuracy but often I am bored with them fairly quickly. One of the contributing factors to this prevailing attitude I seem to have adopted could be that shooting games are not ideal for phones because you have to tilt to move or use your thumbs on any part of the screen to aim which, let’s face it will never be as accurate as using and feeling a joystick or a button.

The games that I tend to play over and over again on the phone seem to be games that are simple yet addictive. I am currently playing a game which won a creative award and it’s a simple 2d almost platform like game where you have to stay in front of an ever moving screen that is trying its absolute hardest to catch up to you. The landscape and the sounds of this game are nothing short of captivating which I assume is the reason why it won the design award.


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