I think one day I would like to live in manly. It has a lot of things there that I would like. The weather is always nice and warm so that would be good. I would also be able to start to take up surfing. I think surfing would be fun because the few time I have stood up on waves I have had a really great time. It feels like such an achievement and it actually is really fun. It’s also a great workout as well! I enjoy the challenge of pushing out against the waves and constantly having the unforgiving ocean crash down and smash against my nimble board. I think those are the two main things I would like about moving to Manly and or Sydney. It would be the beach and the surfing. Apart from that, there is not much else I would overly like about moving to Sydney.  I mean that in no way what so ever in terms of Manly being bad it would just be a very similar lifestyle to what I have in Melbourne.

There are many things I like about Melbourne. I love the football culture in Melbourne. I love how I can turn the radio almost any time of the day and actually listen to something that’s happening in football. But I suppose these days that with the internet and Foxtel it wouldn’t be that much of an issue keeping up to date with various things. I’m pretty sure I could get work easily enough as well at least as an emergency teacher to start and eventually as a full time teacher.

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