Allow me to share FIFTEEN things you record and learn concerning the Black Death.
The number of people died every day in London if your Plague came inside 1349?
-300 people every day died in Manchester in 1349.
What did some mom and dad do if the children got the Plague?
-Parents abandoned the children to die as long as they got the plague.
Why did some whole villages die out though not everyone acquired the Plague?
-The healthy Abandoned the sick as well as whole villages become extinct.
In which The english language city did 15 of the 52 town councillors die of the Plague?
-15 of the 52 city councillors inside Bristol were killed through the plague
which style of people suffered most in the Plague?
-The littlest, oldest and poorest suffered one of the most from plague.
Why did the Black Death spread quickly in the cities of The british isles?
-Tightly packed as well as filthy cities spread the sickness quickly.
How do coughing spread the Black Death?
-Bloody coughing took place which spread the sickness to anyone nearby the victim.
how quickly do the Plague victim die in the event the infection spread to the lungs?
-If the plague got about the victim’s lungs dying came in three days
What signs of the plague appeared in the victims armpits as well as groin?
-Buboes or Lumps full of black puss appeared in the armpits and groin.
The number of days did it take for your Plague victims to die?
Plague victims died within 7 days of getting the sickness
Which type of people were killed through the Plague:
rich or poor?
-The plague killed both rich and the indegent.

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