Precisely why did the Trouble spread so easily in London inside 1349?
The streets involving English towns inside 14th century ended up very unhealthy. This was several causes of the spread on the plague in 1348. The filthy avenues and tightly stuffed houses made perfect breeding grounds to the rats and fleas which carried the Dark-colored Death. Unfortunately people at that time did not understand that fleas and test subjects were the insurers, so they failed to think to pick up their streets therefore stop the spread on the disease.
On the next slide you'll see a picture of London inside 14th century as drawn by a modern artist. On the right is a directory of reasons why the actual plague would propagate so easily.
Watch the slide because it highlights each illustration.
Why would the actual Black Death propagate so easily inside 14th century Liverpool?
When the Plague located London in 1348 there were 100 000 people moving into the city. Soon 300 were dying every single day. List the reasons in your book why the sickness spread so easily and killed so many.
1. Toilets within the River Thames.
a couple of. People fishing inside polluted river.
3. Butchers working in the pub.
4. Food sold in markets on the filthy streets.
5. Animals kept in pens on the streets.
6. Toilet waste trashed of windows.
7. Open sewers flowing across the street to the Thames.
8. A guy urinating against the wall of any house.
9. Crowded houses inside city.
10. Animals pulling carts.

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