There would be a few things I would miss in Melbourne if I was to move Sydney one day. Apart from the football culture I would also miss my friends in Melbourne and my job which has allowed me to train and travel as well as be involved in sport which is great. A place that wouldn’t be that good to live in would be Perth. The clubs and pubs in Perth aren’t that great. I don’t think the city is overly big either which would annoy me. The fact its so far away from the East Coast would also be annoying when traveling  for different events, to see family, or a great many other things. I think I would like the crystal clear water of the beaches and the weather in Perth though.

I don’t think I would like to live in the Northern territory either because that really comes across as a country town with not much to do. I would also be scared of the corcodiles. I don’t think it would be great to get eaten by a crocodile or shark for that matter. There are sharks in Sydney though but for some reason they don’t sound as aggressive and angry as the ones in the Northern Territory.

I also don’t think I would like to live in Asia either. I think it would be not only too hot, but everything is really dirty, sometimes smelly and sticky as well as being overcrowded which I don’t think I would enjoy much either.

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