Professional usage of Social Media
No employee, contractor or sub-contractor of We is usually to engage in Social Media as a representative or on part of We until they first obtain We’s written authorization.

If any staff, contractor or sub-contractor regarding We is directed to promote or participate in a form of Social media related work, they are to behave in a professional manner at all times and in the most beneficial interests of All of us.

All personnel, contractors and sub-contractors of We must ensure they do not communicate any:
• Confidential Information in relation to We or its clients, business associates or suppliers;
• material that violates the privateness or publicity protection under the law of another celebration; and/or
• information, (regardless of whether it's confidential or general public knowledge), about customers, business partners as well as suppliers of All of us without their preceding authorisation or approval for this; on any sociable or business social networking sites, web-based forums or discussion boards, or other web sites.

Confidential Information contains any information in a form relating to We and connected bodies, clients as well as businesses, which is not in the general public domain. This contains, but is not on a information relating to clients’ and guarantors’ label, address and budget.


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