While peoples problems are always extremely big and important to every individual during the time in which that problem is happening to them. The other day I’m sure there was someone out there who had what they thought were incredibly annoying problems, but there whole world gets shaken up once they receive a letter in the mail or even a phone call with a problem helping to make the initial problems. Kevin Rudd on television literally just said whenever you’re experience bad about a problem you might have, there are always people (probably people you already know in your everyday life) whose problems are often worse.

I have always been extremely puzzled as to why Australia has the highest committing suicide rate. Australia as a country possesses people have jobs and really a great well being. I think whatever problems you have in your lifetime you must be thankful for the gifts that you still have. I think it is vital that you not only put your issues in context of how it will eventually affect your life in a larger context. It often comes down to some spiritual belief as to whether you believe we have a pre-determined plan for you or even not. While you can fight and expect whatever your desires are, it’s probably more vital that you recognise that whatever happens will occur for a reason. One must surrender oneself towards higher forces that do exist is within our universe. Complete and utter trust should and should be given.

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