Once again I find myself in a rather uncomfortable position typing away on my computer. I remember when I tried to learn computers in primary school which was just down the road from my house and roughly took five minutes to get there by care if there was no traffic. I recall spending so long trying to find letters on the keyboard and I couldn’t find them it was just so extremely frustrating. It’s now so funny for me to watch myself type because I’m on the bus sitting and it doesn’t even have light and I can still type quite well which I personally find hilarious. These days I do not even need to look and I can’t help laughing at myself.

I remember in primary school the secretary used to talk with us and she very proudly used to tell us, after we pushed her to, that she could type roughly two hundred words per minute. This absolutely blew my mind because I could barely type two hundred words if I had an entire day.

It’s always funny what memories we have from primary school. At the time you couldn’t possibly fathom not remembering embarrassing events or other big milestones which now I can’t really remember at all. Another memory I have of primary school is having a movie afternoon where I got to watch a movie that I previously hadn’t seen before because mum hadn’t let me. I was so excited to watch it because it was during school hours which was just fantastic but I remember I couldn’t believe they were offering popcorn because I didn’t like it and I truly couldn’t understate how anybody else could like it either.

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