I would really like to do the thing in thinking in my mind. Before you freak out, in thinking about volleyball. I try to visualize but sometimes I forget to do it every day, and that does of course, truly annoy me. The trick for me is just remembering to focus on controlling what I can control and leaving the rest up to the big fella up stairs. Sometimes I stop visualizing things because I start to doubt whether they’re possible or not. I think this is slightly the wrong thing to do of course. The right thing to do is to decide what u want and then visualize what it will feel like when it happens and let the rest of the process take care of itself. I really do want it to happen and I believe it can. We can do this for sure. I suppose it really is limitless as to what one can achieve as long as they put their hear mind and soul into it.

one also needs to be somewhat realistic in their expectations as well which I think a lot of people around you help you do by being negative. What out coach is very good at is allowing you to dream and empowering you with the tools and belief to do so. If you aim for the stars you might not get there but you could be on top of the world. I think I am very close. I think we are very close. It will come down to self-belief at the time and just going at it as hard as we can!

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