Within our lives we have a chance to love Our god and develop our relationship with God throughout the way we are living. After death you can be united with God in a fashion that was not feasible during our earthly lifestyles. The Christians concept of heaven will be with Christ. Over the centuries heaven have been represented in lots of ways. Often the inspiration behind this has been to imagine the perfect place where all people has everything the individual desires. People have usually represented heaven as being a place in the sky or earlier mentioned this world- but it is definitely a state of supreme happiness where we take part in the very life with the Trinity. Just while they see heaven as communion with Our god, so Christians in addition have understood that there's another possibility of which awaits them with death, this is to live forever without God and this hell is. Heaven have been imagining as the ideal place and hell because most awful. Within the story of Lazarus the rich man is sent to a pave of torment. The imagery the following is one of high temperature and flames and terrible thirst. This can be one way of describing life devoid of God.
As well because particular judgement, Christians have confidence in a general thinking. This is while Christ will returning in triumph and establish forever the Reign of Our god. This is identified as the Second Arriving of Christ or even, in Greek the “Parousia”. For the first Christians, the Second Arriving of Christ had been something they anticipated to happen in their unique lifetime. We learn from scripture, however, that no one knows when Christ can return. St Robert, in the Second Letter towards the Thessalonians, makes the level that Christians must not be alarmed or get too enthusiastic about when Christ can return. The General Judgement is definitely the Last judgement and marks the tip of time. Right now thebodies of the dead will probably be raised and usa together again using their souls.

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