The walked throughout the door to the actual arena. They kept walking when they got to the center of the arena the actual lights went off again and so they heard the door they entered through as well as some other doors towards arena close. Then your lights came on and also a voice started talking to them saying “You possess caused me the final humility, and therefore i will cause you the final demise. ” “The style must be coming from the commentator’s box”, Scott mentioned.
All of a rapid, figures looking such as chess pieces started to pore into the actual arena and surround them. Scott and Logan made a fast run for the door the chess items hadn’t covered yet once through it they stood facing it holding it closed. Scott quickly acquired his keys out and locked the door. Logan realised that his phone acquired a torch and also lit up themselves and all of those other hallway.
Scott yelled, “We should move to the main switchboard where the person who I think wishes to kill will probably be. ” And move they did. Once the duo arrived at the switchboard their boxes were pounding by how fast many people ran. They saw a shorter fat figure in the corner and shone the actual torch on his fat body. ”You” stated Logan. The figure answered, “Yes I, the one you beat in the semi-final of the actual tournament, and the a single you humiliated facing everyone. You notice, I was supposed to win the tournament, I had paid back almost everyone prior to a tournament to lose but I didn’t think you were any good therefore i didn’t bother. But you do not live to notice another chess part after my minions are done with you”. He place on a chess piece suit of an king. He yelled, “Chess minions, attack”!

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