Simply just got a wording from lou expressing that she was shattered nevertheless it was a good game. All chances were taken with the winning team. Expecting to secure a high percentage of goals if he or she have set merchants. ¾ time communication was to you need to take the game on. Even if we were in the front to just keep taking the overall game on, take the likelihood, score from these individuals. Capitalize on almost any opportunity. Put all the old good players throughout key positions by the end of the final term to provide themselves the best possible opportunity to win. Injury to buddy is most ok? Yes all good and played okay when he returned for the field. Single players invest and were crucial in the game plan. With a lot riding on the game gunston have scored 4 goals in the game and added in great chances for them to have an more scoring player that must be watched by geelong. We'll be getting excited to the final next few days. Saw the umpire contact the mark along with realized the siren had opted and knew of which last kick was not needed. A great video game this week nevertheless it was not your grand final that's coming up in a few days, the last few days in September. 5 things hey, what the rivalry. Tomorrow night time, Saturday night footy, freo and swans final years champions in the 2nd prelim final to view hawthorns opponent throughout next weeks final. Can the swans satisfy hawthorn again in the grand final along with win it couple of years in a row or will freo spoil the party along with reach their primary grand final along with steal the indicate and take the glory plus the trophy home with them to a state apart from our favourite small state of Victoria.

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