Game titles are a funny thing. I used to enjoy so many different types of video games growing up to be a kid. I used to enjoy games where I could shoot things up the many. Again I think I had been slightly conditioned to like games such as this because they would supposedly be fun than other games and were perhaps even deemed as more worthy games I ought to like. Looking back however, I am almost surprised at the games i seemed to play and experience the most.

One of the games i enjoyed probably more than some other game was a game that had been about roller blading. Looking back I almost find it funny that this was the action in enjoyed the most. It was based in Tokyo and it went like different roller blade gangs hoping to get control of the city which was in fact called Tokyoto. They would gain control by spray painting or rather I ought to say ‘tagging’ different gang’s lawn. I think the reason My partner and i loved this game so much was with the movement of the players. All you will have to do would be to press jump and steer that one character in the air and when you could land that particular character with a bar/bus/car/rail system they would carry out the amazing and ridiculous tricks independently. So basically you could pull of the extremely amazing trick combination moves and never have to mash they key pad which has a million different button inputs.

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