Scott, the actual tall, skinny, awkward looking stadium manger was walking toward the front door. He was walking with the tournament winner of these day’s chess contest, Logan, a short, stubby, chess nerd who would be driven home by Scott.
Scott was locking the stadium. He was heading out the front home when he discovered it was locked. He employed his key to help unlock it, but when he / she tried it did not open.
The door was barred from the outside.
Scott and Logan hastily walked down the actual hallway toward the actual nearest exit sign trying to stay and appear as calm because situation would let them be. In which door wouldn’t open, Scott tried his key. The home was also banned.
Scott and Logan lightly jogged to another location door and it was also barred. They broke out in a frantic sprint to another location door only to get it barred. They both tried out their phones but there was clearly no service. Scott knew there was clearly only one much more door but trying it could be useless because he didn’t possess the key. They headed for your door anyway because at the office above the arena there was clearly a phone.
The door was opposed to this of the chess market. This was the key arena where Logan had just won his championship. When in the heart of the arena, the lights suddenly put off. The pair endured frozen. Their looks were illuminated, not by the lights from the main arena but from the lights of one of the other smaller sides. They could not understand the door or office so they changed their plans and headed for your source of the actual light.

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