I think it is a very interesting concept and idea to think that the way to enlightenment is through love and forgiveness. I couldn’t agree more. I often think of the quote that says, wait I can’t remember it. I’m sure it will come to me shortly, I hope it does. I find it very hard to like and forgive a couple of people I know in my life at the moment. I understand that it’s my ego which causes me to dislike them but I still find it extremely hard to truly forgive and love these people. The thing that has helped me with that recently is having heard that we are in other people. What that means is that if you are concentrating, in the people we don’t particularly like, once we have a good look, we can see ourselves in them. A good quote but not the one I was trying to think of before was if you walked a mile in their shoes. Often I look at these particular people and I wonder if I have the same upbringing that I would probably be just as miserable and grumpy as they are.

The other interesting thing about these particular people is as I head the other day on this clip I was listening to, the universe keeps manifesting the same problem/same sort of person until you deal with not them, but your own attitude toward them. This has been the case for me with a few different older people I have had a couple of run INS with lately. I must continue to work on love and forgiveness!

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