When i thoroughly enjoy under-going and trying to take into account what makes ad or for that matter advertisements appeal to help peoples different wants and needs. Often it can be subtle sub conscious manipulation large amounts of the time a person don’t even realise is going on. This is why I notice as being vitally important that we know what’s taking. It is likewise important that young children from a pretty young age begin to learn what these techniques are so that they grow up which has a discerning eye with the media and usually are not susceptible to a lot of manipulation and I seriously enjoy it. It's also really important pertaining to adults to regularly be reminded that they too are manipulated by this media.

1. The picture: Maccas with all the ‘why so serious’ nevertheless changing it to help delicious.
2. My overall impression of the ad is that McDonalds looking to use the well-known movie Batman-Dark Knight Rises to virtually endorse there hamburgers and food generally.
3. The main message seems to be that one particular from Dark Knight Rises, possibly more than one, eat McDonalds
several. The marketing purpose is merely to get Maccas into your mind. They did this is a very smart way given it puts a twist for the recent and very well liked Batman movie. And yes it gets you looking at the ad
5. This shows that Maccas is to the trends of the existing time, so therefore can be advertising to youth
6. Young people because the movie it is the term for has a customers that are youth

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