Technology really is quite amazing! I know it’s quite a large statement and really can steer a conversation in many different directions. One thing I seem to constantly notice in regards to the advancement of technology is the telephone. To think that in the olden days when it was first invented that all it was used for was to make phone calls now almost seems ludicrous. For years it had to be connected to wire and phone lines for it work. How funny it would have seemed for the first inventors of the telephone to one day learn that their invention would be able to be carried around without wires. I’m sure that they would laugh at the concept of that.

It absolutely blows me away even to this day at the capabilities of what a portable telephone device can do. You can now not only call people, but you can send emails, search Google, buy things from online stores, book flights and basically, use whatever facet of the World Wide Web you want to. You can also use a basic calculator which is always useful. Not only do phones now tell the time but they also give you other functions a watch would such as a stopwatch and timer. Listening to music on the run traditionally used to require a separate device but once again, almost all modern phones can store music you can listen to.

I don’t know what advancements can be made in the future as to other feature a phone will possible have but I am excited by them.


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