Jiggling Justin Jooman crept thoroughly toward the open window to find out a dimly ignited kitchen. When he his whole head throughout the window, he peered remaining, then right. He continued to help creep slowly throughout the half opened eye-port when he suddenly stopped. He thought they heard a noise in the street on the other hand of the residence. He was convinced it was a car moving by. He continued to creep throughout the window. He was now fully throughout the window.
Jiggling Justin promptly headed for his or her previously marked focus on, the cookie bottle. He stepped forwards three steps, next left four ways, Justin had found the fridge. Justin reached upwards and there it was, the opium coming from all ‘cookieaholics’, the fantasised, gold encrusted biscuit jar with every single flavour cookie within it. The only security within the jar was a great antediluvian locking device called the cookie safe and sound keep. The flaw in this particular astonishingly brilliant system was that there seemed to be a master key that would open every rare metal encrusted cookie jar on the globe. Jiggling Justin achieved the master key in the past. He placed the jar within the bench, got his key from his secret pocket in his tank top. Suddenly a private detective called malicious Michael Mamand burst throughout the door and promptly drew his lightsaber. Their green light intimidated them as he drew his yellow lightsaber. He laid the first blow and to help his surprise malevolent Michaels lightsaber was knocked from his hand and it wedged itself to the kettle over the stove.

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