There are many great lessons to learn in life. Many people tend to learn these at different rates and at different times in everyone’s individual lives. A very good lesson I have learnt, and believe me by no means have I actually mastered this by any stretch of the imagination, is that everybody is equal and on their own journey of realisation and discovery.

Now I know this sounds perhaps a little obvious but bear with me. When I walked into a room not too long ago my egoic mind immediately rushed and wanted me to judge all the people in the room and brand them all ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’ purely because of the activity in which they were taking apart in. As soon as I walked in I caught my subconscious trying to form this opinion for me but I very quickly and vehemently told it to stop. Our minds and subconscious minds are trained from an extremely early age to deem things or people as cool or not cool. We as humans have been conditioned by the media to treat sport and music stars as worthy people to worship.

In actual fact as I walk in and see a room full of people who in pop culture would be deemed unworthy, and I see lovely people who are polite and wouldn’t hurt a fly. In fact a lot of these people would do the opposite and some will do great research which could in some way help humanity.

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