My hands seem to quite shaky wring these short stories on the bus. I have always found it strange as to why Australia has the highest suicide rate. It really doesn’t make sense because as far as I know we have one of the best living standards in the world. We have running water we have clothes, we have schools and education, we have jobs with a low rate of unemployment, we have amazing weather in all parts of the country even in Melbourne where he winters can get a little cold and wet. So why is it we have a high suicide rate.

If anyone should have a high suicide rate, you would imagine that countries who live in poverty, third world countries such as India, parts of south America, and parts of Asia as well. But the few times I have been overseas, the Thai people for example are so extremely happy and grateful for what they have, even though in Australia they would be considered extremely poor. Perhaps that’s it though. People who are living in those countries value life more. They are so happy just to have enough food and water that that’s enough for them. In Australia we quite simply take those things for granted and as a result, seek happiness, or at least are told to seek happiness in other things such as material possessions such as cars, houses, accessories, amongst other things. People are made to feel inferior for no reason when you compare our lives to those living in other some wcountries.

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